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Our fleet is ready to take you wherever you dream of going. Call the office to schedule time in any aircraft!

Current instruction rate: $59.00/hour

Aeronca 7AC Champion
Aeronca 7AC Champion


The Aeronca Champ is one of the most beloved training aircraft of all time. Powered with a mighty 65 hp Continental engine, this is flight as it was meant to be. This airplane is perfect for the beginning student, sport pilot, or the pilot wanting a tail wheel transition.


- Two-place, tandem seating

- Continental A-65 engine

- 90 mph cruise speed

- 13 gallons total fuel capacity

Cessna 140


The Cessna 140 was introduced in 1946 and is the big brother of our 150. Our 140 is a smooth- running sweetheart, and moves right along, making it an ideal cross-country airplane or primary trainer.


-Two-place, side-by-side seating

- Continental C-85 engine

- 100 mph cruise speed

- 23 gallons total fuel capacity

Cessna 152

Coming Soon!

Our Cessna 152 is currently under restoration. 

Cessna 172M


The Cessna 172 has been in production since 1956 and is one of the best four-place family flyers ever built! Our 172M is a dream to fly. It is IFR capable, ready to take you through your instrument rating, or take the family to dinner. This is one of our most popular aircraft.


- Four-place seating

- Lycoming O-320 engine

- 105 kts cruise speed

- 38 gallons usable fuel capacity

Cessna 172P


N51448 is the latest addition to our fleet. This 172P model has updated radios and can seat four. This model has been in production since 1981 and is equipped with extended range fuel tanks for those wanting to take it cross-country flying.


-Four-place seating

-160 hp Lycoming engine

-62 gallon long range fuel tanks

Extra 200


For pure exhilaration and fun come try our Extra 200. The Extra is fully aerobatic, capable of anything, and is a total blast! Forget the Pitts, the Extra is here! Available for spin and upset training. Price includes instruction.


- Two-place aerobatic seating

- Lycoming O-360 engine

- 154 kts cruise speed

- 34 gallons total fuel capacity

- Unlimited Aerobatics

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