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Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At Red Sky Aviation, we encourage you to come back and rent aircraft once you've gotten your license. You can take your friends and family up for a spin, out to lunch, or on an adventure to another place! 

Introductory Flights
Intro Flight over Golden Gate

Introductory flights are a great way to get your feet wet and experience the joy of flying. Whether it's your first time or you're coming back to flying after a hiatus, an introductory flight is for you. 

Introductory flights typically last about an hour and can accommodate up to three people at one time*. You can bring a friend or family member with you! Your instructor will teach you basics about the aircraft and will even let you control the airplane for a little while. 

Introductory flights make great gifts for the aspiring pilot in your life. We offer gift certificates personalized with your loved one's name.

Rates start at $135 for a one-hour introductory flight. 

*Conditions may vary 


Biennial Flight Review

For our licensed pilots, a BFR is required every two years to maintain a current license. A BFR will last for at least two hours. There is a ground review portion and a practical flight portion. Your instructor will ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of FARs and practical flight skills. After the successful completion of your BFR, your instructor will sign your log book to certify that you have completed the necessary reviews. 

All of our instructors are available to complete BFRs. You can schedule your review by calling our office. 


Tail Wheel Endorsement

A tailwheel endorsement is for those pilots who are new to flying in tailwheel aircraft but want to learn how to fly the original bird. A tailwheel endorsement can be achieved in just a few hours, however each pilot takes to the taildragger differently and our instructors will ensure that you are adequately prepared to fly in all conditions in this type of aircraft. 

Tailwheel time can be scheduled by calling our office. 


Rent & Fly

All of our aircraft are available for rental. Both of our four place aircraft are perfect for taking the family on a day trip or out to dinner somewhere special. Call the office to schedule time in any of our aircraft. 

Rates vary depending on aircraft. 


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